Demkupe® is a British Sportswear and Lifestyle brand founded by Dreimka; Born out of his love for football and other sports. After many years playing the game at amateur and semi-professional level, He decided in 2011 to create a clothing line to combine his love for graphic design and football. However it is only in October 2016 that he decides to launch Demkupe®. He believes that sports transcends everything and inspire people to dream.

It is what inspired him to chose the name “Demkupe” which means Go and Play football in a language he'd like to keep secret in order to raise curiosity of the brand.

The Demkupe® brand is about combining sportswear functionality with 21st century lifestyle. Our aim as a brand is to provide high end quality products with unique designs and to inspire the next generation athletes, the youth or young adults and individuals to believe and follow their dreams through the promotion of sports as a lifestyle.

              OUR MISSION

To offer the best quality casual wear and sports apparel made ethically and working with suppliers that are responsible manufacturers who use sustainable renewable energy to produce our clothing with minimum environmental footprint.
By choosing this business model, we pledge to directly or indirectly participate in making a difference in the environment and contribute to improving the lives of communities at home and abroad.