When I was growing up like million of kids around the world, all we needed was a ball on our feet. After school, we would play until sunset and sometimes riding our luck and carried on into the evening only for our parents to snatch us away while cursing us for ignoring their call to come home. Everyone was inspired by their favorite players. Some of my friends loved Roger Milla, others preferred Maradona, Socrates, Zico, Platini but my idol was Tigana, a french international for his football brain and his cheer engine. Our neighborhood was full of noise, laughter and sometimes fighting to win because we love the beautiful game so much.

Those were the best memories of my childhood life and the main reasons why I founded Demkupe®. This passion inspired me to think about the very source of the sport and create the brand logo (A foot and and ball) in it's original form to how it's looks today.