I can't believe 2016 is almost over and the new year just around the corner.

And often as people say, times flies when you are having fun. As the owner of Demkupe® it was certainly the case in many ways and of course I would lie if this wasn't without it's difficulties.

It was a mix year, one with excitement at launching Demkupe®, visiting suppliers, attending photo shoots, getting my first sales, managing everything while juggling in between the day job to pay the bills.

Looking back, there were many things I know I could have done better. For example simplifying some of my designs, building the brand, reducing avoidable expenses that nearly made me quit altogether, working long hours rather than working smart, more marketing, more market research etc.

Some much I did not have the time to ponder about or ignoring people's advice because I was perhaps too busy trying to make the next sale. But Like David Beckham said “Hindsight’s a wonderful thing"

I learnt over the course of the year however that I could not do everything and everything means little time to step back and take better decisions for Demkupe growth. I realised how important it was to delegate certain tasks, how to be better organised to achieve my goals and those of the company.

Now that we are entering 2017, I am determined more than ever to do things better and smarter, to make new resolution and put firmly demkupe® on the map as a wanted brand.

Wishing everyone a beautiful end of the year and a Happy New Year 2017 full of health, Joy and Happiness.